Now a member of LEEA, UK

Cranedge is the services subsidiary of ElectroMech devoted to offering complete after-sales services to cranes of all brands, globally. In its short span of existence, Cranedge has earned a special reputation for itself through its rapid response, knowledgeable understanding of the customer’s problems and provision of fast and perfect solutions in the form of its excellent service. It is a matter of great pride for us that Cranedge has recently been certified as a ‘Development Member’ of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association – LEEA of UK. The LEEA, founded in 1944 in Great Britain, is a leading, global representative body of all those involved in the lifting industry worldwide. The honourable members of LEEA work in every aspect of the lifting equipment industry, from design, manufacture, refurbishment, repair, hire, maintenance and use of lifting equipments. For over half a century, LEEA has been engaged in training personnel, setting standards, providing technical and legal advice and developing examination and licensing systems. LEEA represents its members in public and private bodies, government departments, and nationally and internationally recognised professional and technical institutions. Cranedge is now a proud member of LEEA. Member companies of LEEA conform to very high standards in the aspects such as the knowledge, technical information and competence of the technical team. The members have to follow standard operations and maintenance methods; calibration methods of tools and tackles; maintain up-to-date records and documentation and adhere to high health and safety standards at site. Competence building, training, testing and certification of the technical team are mandatory. Member companies of LEEA assure their customers of prompt, professional response from a knowledgeable team; clearly defined, multi-layered contact point information; high-quality work execution, consistent supply of quality, standard products from standard suppliers. Such companies are regarded as top-notch companies in the segment. Being a member of LEEA, now Cranedge is also pledged to all these attributes and our customers will be benefitted from this high standard of service.