ElectroMech wins “Manufacturing Today Award” for Excellence in Technology

ElectroMech, the biggest industrial overhead crane manufacturer in India has won “Manufacturing Today Award” for Excellence in Technology in the SME category. This award was presented to ElectroMech by Manufacturing Today magazine, during an award ceremony held on 2nd September 2016 at Hyatt Regency, Pune, during the 5th Manufacturing Today Conference. ElectroMech won this award for an ingeneously designed modular gantry crane used for handling precast segments at a bridge construction project.

The uniqueness of this crane was its ability to be configured to three different span settings and two different heights of lift. The user of this crane can select any of the following span – 19m, 28m, 33.5m and select a height of either 18m or 25m. Due to this, the same crane can be configured in 6 different ways giving rise to immense flexibility in usage and deployment at different project sites. Further design features also ensured that the transportation cost of this crane is minimized by using a modular construction.

For any infrastructure construction company, the ability to deploy its equipment across multiple projects, ensures that the equipment gets amortised over these multiple projects. Traditionally, gantry cranes have always been fully customized and construction companies amortise these cranes across only one project. This affects the profitability of that particular project as the entire cost of the equipment gets loaded on this project. By giving the client an ability to deploy the same equipment in 6 different configurations, the client has greater flexibility in usage and is able to reduce the loading of the equipment cost to the project and in turn increase the profitability of the project to that extent.

ElectroMech also used a castellated type girder construction for this gantry crane to reduce the wind loading up to 20%, thus improving the stability of the crane.

Commenting on the occasion, Tushar Mehendale, Managing Director, ElectroMech said, “This award truly replicates our commitment to develop unique and innovative “out-of-the-box” ideas for the complex requirements of our customers. On the other side, such awards do bring along additional responsibility to continuously improve our crane solutions. Apart from the customers, who put the strong faith in our capabilities, this award is also an acknowledgement for the support and dedication of our vendors and employees who play an active role in the entire supply chain.”